A 23-Inch Riley Espresso Media Electric Fireplace

Thinking of sitting in front of the fireplace and having a drink while the cold wind is howling outside may make you feel very content. The Media Electric smokeless fireplace from Pleasant Hearth has been successful in making this dream come true for those who have brought this article into their home.

This electric fireplace has done away with the traditional ones that required chimneys to be built over them to allow the smoke to escape to atmosphere outside. The fire which is produced by using the latest LED technology does not produce any smoke but gives you a feeling that it is authentic.

The mantelpieces of traditional fireplaces did not have much space to support large sized objects like flat screen TVs but this one does. A 48 inch TV can be put on the mantelpiece and you can enjoy your favorite movie while the fire throws its light into the room and keeps it warm and comfortable. You can place any LCD TV up to 60 inches long on the mantelpiece but the sides of the screen may form an overhang. The fireplace has a rich espresso colored finish which is very durable and long-lasting and can easily blend in with the other brown colored furniture in the room.

The fireplace is 46.5 inches wide, 32.9 inches high and 18 inches deep. Below the mantelpiece is a long open shelf that is 7 inches high and almost as wide as the fireplace itself. You can keep all the devices which you want to connect to the TV for your entertainment on this shelf.

The shelf has an elongated opening at the back through which you can pass the different cables for setting up the connections. On both sides it has two cabinets with glass paneled doors. The cabinets have two shelves each which can provide room for keeping other items like books and video cassettes also.

The electronic controls for the intensity of the fire and the level of temperature can be controlled manually or through a full function remote control which has an On/Off switch, a temperature control switch and a flame control switch. You can use the remote to choose between 10 heat settings and 3 flame settings.

The design of the fireplace is very simple and it can be plugged into a normal mains socket. It operates at 4,600 BThU or 1,350 to heat up a room which is 400 square feet in area quite easily. The fire appears instantly as you power it on and the flames from the glow of the ember bed look much more realistic than those found in the other electric furnaces in the same category.

The heat from the heating unit of the smokeless fireplace is controlled by a thermostat and passes into the air in the room with the help of fans.  The fireplace is CSA certified and carries a limited warranty of 1 year from the day of purchase. It requires some time to assemble the fireplace and being 93 lbs in weight it is a bit heavy for one person to carry upstairs.

How to choose the best smokeless fireplace for your needs?

If you are the one looking to buy a smokeless fireplace, but are not able to decide if it is worth going for or not, then let me start by saying that they are really worth the money they cost. It is not important if you choose one from floor, tabletop or the wall type fireplace, but they give some unique benefits that are not available in case of conventional wood burning fireplaces. The main challenge is to know how to choose the best smokeless fireplace for your needs?

Go for the style

If you need to search for the right smokeless fireplace, be ready to be bombarded with a huge variety. You may be astonished to see such a large variety. Today manufacturers have provided the models of every shape and size to cater to every need. To name it and you will have the type and style of the smokeless fireplace that you need.

Chose the environmentally friendly option

A smokeless fireplace is a great environmentally friendly option. They normally operate by electricity or with the help of gel fuel, which does not, cause pollution.

When you burn wood, like a cigarette you are exposed to toxic smoke. Not only you, your loved ones and your pets are also exposed to this danger. This happens day in and day out, every time you light the fire. This is the main reason that as soon as the winter sets in, hospitals start seeing lots of patients suffering from asthma, congestion and different kinds of respiratory problems.

A smokeless fireplace does not need wood, so they do not contribute to rainforest depletion. Every time you light wooden fireplace, you cause some animal or bird to go homeless and force a step closer to extinction.

They are Maintenance-free

When you use the wood burning fireplace, then not only you are required to feed the fire continuously but every day in the morning you have to clean the ash and soot. It is not a very appealing job, but there is no other option but to do it, if you want to light the fireplace again.

A smokeless fireplace does not have any such issue. If it is electrically operated then you are just required to open the switch and it starts operating or if it is a gel fuel type then you are required to open a can of gel fuel, put on fire and place it in the fireplace.

 Types  of smokeless fireplace

A smokeless fireplace can add warmth and great ambience to your living space. They add style to the space. They are environment friendly and also free from regular maintenance. They are available in different styles.

Gone are the days, when fireplace was limited to a few options, mainly the wood burning type. With the introduction of smokeless fireplace, now you have many choices. The buyer must be aware of all these options before choosing the right one for their home.

 The fireplace can either be a fixed type or the portable one. As a buyer,  you are the best judge of your need. Choose the one that best suits your specific situation. If you do not want to damage the walls and to install pipes and cables, then go for the portable fireplace. The portable options are best suited for places where there is a limitation of space.

However, you can also choose for the gas fired smokeless fireplace. In the past,  the old vented gas fired fireplaces it was possible to cover the burners with sands, thus creating the effect as if the fire is burning all around logs. In the modern gas fires smokeless fireplaces,  the burners are of refined design and can not be covered with anything. So, the fireplace does not give effect of embers. This may make the design a little unattractive to many buyers as they ant the wood burning effect in their smokeless fireplace.

These burners have some unique features as oxygen depletion sensors (ODS). These sensors measure the buildup of carbon monoxide close to the floor. If the carbon monoxide builds up, then these sensors sense it and the gas will be cut off. This will save the occupants from the dangerous effects of this gas.

One other issue with the smokeless fireplace is the release of moisture. Water is released as a byproduct of combustion of gas, and it is released in your living space. It will then condense on cold surfaces especially where you can not see it like in the attic. This can lead to problems with time. For this,  you have to install the water absorbents in the attic to avoid damage.

Another good option of the smokeless fireplace is the gel fired one. It is a portable design which burns gel fuel in cans placed behind the logs. You have to open the cans, light them, and there you are. The fire can be made smaller or bigger and is normally ornamental and does not release much heat.

One other type of smokeless fireplace is the electrically operated. It is small, portable and can be installed anywhere without much of a fuss. This fireplace needs minimum maintenance. These heaters have blowers, which pick the air from the room and then blow it on heated coils and then send the air in the room after heating. This can warm the room very fast. These heaters are very useful in apartments and condos, but they do not produce the cracking sound of actual fire and are far from the real thing.


If you search properly, you can actually find the right smokeless fireplace to suit your needs. Whatever you may choose, but a good smokeless fireplace will serve you for years and will add style to your living place and make it the envy of your friends and relatives. In the process,  you will also contribute to protect your environment.

Dimplex Chalet Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

In colder seasons, everyone desires to feel a comfortable room environment by maintaining an ambient temperature. In older days, this was done through the traditional wood burning fireplaces. The traditional wood burning fireplaces use to release a lot of dangerous and polluting gases into your home. Besides the oxygen depletion by the traditional wood burning, the release of carbon mono-oxide in abundance use to suffocate and poison the environment. The device introduced as Dimplex Chalet Wall mount Electric Fireplace is a smokeless unit, which is totally free from all those unhealthy effects of the traditional fireplaces. It also helps in protecting the ambient environment with zero ozone emissions.

The Dimplex Chalet Wall mounts Electric Fireplace is an electric smokeless device comes with patented flame technology, river rock interior and rustic driftwood, which results in a soothing and comfortable ambient room temperature throughout the year. The unit is equipped with a thermostat on the front panel for an easy operation. The cost of heating of the room is minimized with the use of this thermostat function. For the regulation of required temperature, three-stage multifunction remote control is also supplied.

The Dimplex Chalet Wall mounts Electric Fireplace operates on 120v electric supply and is capable of providing supplemental heat for a room of up to 400 sq ft. The unit is very easy to assemble. The Dimplex fireplace can be easily mounted on the wall of any room, or you may simply hang like an artwork by plugging into a standard electric outlet. It has a complete modem design and high glossy black metal end caps.

The Dimplex Chalet Wall mounts Electric Fireplace is a balanced composition with a robust and elegant style with a subtle flair. It provides eco-friendly benefits without disturbing the moisture content of the environment. The fireplace does not use any flammable energy source.

The Dimplex Chalet Wall mounts Electric Fireplace is capable of becoming the focal point of attraction in the house. The three dimensional flickering fire effects and the development of blazing fire are the innovative flame effects of the fireplace. The dancing movement of the flickering fire animates the blazing fire is an incredible phenomenon worth watching. The animated flames are extremely realistic in appearance. The dancing flame phenomenon can optionally be enjoyed, with or without heat for comfort and leisure round the year.

The Dimplex Chalet Wall mounts Electric Fireplace unit is of supreme and admirable quality. It can be wall mounted or optionally is ideal to have it on a corner table or on a pedestal base depending on your likings. Though it comes with river rock stone, you can add or replace the stones from the north shore, and some agates enhance the appearance of the unit.

The Dimplex Chalet Wall mounts Electric Fireplace unit is capable of heating up a single room quickly and effectively. The remote provided with the fireplace unit is a great asset to rotate through the low heat, high heat and flames option. These fireplaces are to add warmth, comfort and ambiance resembling to a picture frame. The driftwood and the river rock are decoratively filled in the cabinet with an external ash finish.

The 3D fire technology giving the fire depth and dancing flames is patented by the company providing Dimplex Chalet Wall mount Electric Fireplace. The dancing flames can be enjoyed with or without fan-forced 1240 watt/4198 BTU heater and can be enjoyed throughout the year. Electric fireplaces are without any carbon-mono-oxide and very little of carbon dioxide without polluting and releasing any harmful substance in the environment. The installation of the unit is extremely easy requiring only 120v electric outlet to enjoy a warm and ambient fire in your home.

A Black Electric Smokeless Fireplace

Are you missing the presence of a fireplace in your living room this winter? Are you having doubts about how to install a fireplace without a chimney to take out the smoke? Are you feeling hindered by the fact that the installation of a fireplace involves spending a lot of money for the installation and the repair work that will be required after it is done? Do not worry as the smokeless fireplace from SEI might just do the trick. Once you set up this fireplace in your living room you will find the whole atmosphere of the living room has changed drastically.

Nobody can deny the relaxing and soothing effect you can have while sitting in front of a fireplace in the winter evening while it is snowing outside and sipping a glass of your favorite drink. So what is special about this fireplace that sets it apart from the others? The first thing is that it totally operates on electricity and does not produce any smoke as no wood is actually burnt here. To give a realistic environment it has LED lights which glow in such a way that it gives an appearance of a real fire. These lights are long lasting and the imitation flames created by them look very much like the original one.

As no smoke is produced you can do away with the installation of a chimney which may be difficult and expensive. The black color of the fireplace further enhances its looks making the whole room very attractive. It has a large shelf on top where you can keep all your media equipment. There are a couple of circular openings at the back of this storage space through which you can pass the cables of these media equipment. The top mantle piece of the fireplace can support anything which weighs about 85 lbs which is enough to place a 50 inch LED TV on top of it without disturbing its appearance.

It has fluted panels on both sides of the mantel piece which can be opened sidewise to expose eight large shelves where you can keep an assortment of things. Each of these shelves is 8 inches in width, 6 inches in depth and 10.25 inches in height. It is easy to install and does not require the expertise of an electrician to be set up. It operates at 120 volts. 12.5 amps, 60 Hz AC mains and can be plugged into any mains power outlet. It is 48 inches wide, 15 inches deep and 32.25 inches high. It produces 5000 btus at 1500 watts and can heat up a room which is 14 feet long, 14 feet wide and 8 feet high in about 24 minutes.

The front glass panel remains cool under operating conditions and poses no hazard and the energy used is a much as that consumed by a normal coffee maker. It can be moved easily from one room to another so that you can enjoy your food or your drink beside a warm smokeless fireplace wherever you want to.

Chimneyless Electric Fireplace

A house with a fireplace in the living room is every man’s dream of an evening of relaxation. But in the modern buildings, houses and flats thinking of having a fireplace in your living room is a distant dream if not quite impossible to install. With the cold outside your living room can really come alive this winter with the glow of the chimneyless and the smokeless fireplace from Chimney Free which manufactures these fireplaces in the vintage cherry color. The color of the wooden pieces makes it look like the real thing and with the heating unit on you can really get carried away by the atmosphere it creates.

This fireplace is 35.125 inches high, 15.25 inches in depth and 47.5 inches wide. Above the heating unit there is a 7 inch high, 14.25 inch deep and 40.5 inch wide shelf which can house all kinds of electronic equipment like DVD players, etc., for your entertainment needs. On both sides of the heating unit there are two side shelves with covers which are 23.25 inches high, 8.5 inches wide and 14.25 inches deep.  The top of the mantelpiece is strong enough to support a 42 inch flat screen LCD TV. The equipment kept on the mantelpiece and the shelf allows you to entertain yourself in the warmth of a fireplace in front of you.

The lights provide a lifelike picture of a wood burning fireplace but without an actual smoke coming from it. The heating controls are provided on the fireplace and there is also a remote control with a set of full functions which allows you to adjust the heat inside the room while sitting in a chair away from the fireplace. The heating unit is 18 inches wide and the whole unit can be assembled and installed within less than three hours.  Almost the whole unit is shipped in an assembled condition and you have only to put in the heating unit which comes separately to make it ready for use.

You can plug it into any normal 120V AC socket and at 4,600 BTUs per hour or 1350 watts it can easily heat up a 400 square feet area within a matter of minutes. It has a sleep timer built in so that you can control the time required for its operation. It is equipped with two openings for passing the signal and power cables through the mantelpiece. The hole in the mantelpiece allows you to connect the signal and the power cable to your TV while the lower opening allows you to connect the power cord to the electrical socket on the wall.

The fire displayed by the heating unit is very soothing to the eye and can be controlled by the remote or the switches provided for the purpose. Even if you have a small living room the smokeless fireplace has a modest footprint and takes up very little room leaving enough space to move around. A marker with the same color is supplied with the unit so that you can gloss over any scratches that you may accidentally make while assembling it.

What To Consider When Buying A Smokeless Fireplace?

The smokeless and vent less fireplaces that are without a flue gas chute or the chimney are available in the US market since 1980. They are powered by alcohol, electricity, natural gas and gel and LPG. The smokeless fireplaces are economical to buy, easy to install and simple to operate. The only thing that one will miss using them is that they do not give the crackling sound of burning wood that you like so much in winter. So, they are only close to the real thing but not the real thing as such. Some even call them unsafe.

The smokeless fireplaces available today are designed and sold as per the strict federal standards of design and safety. These are made for safe operation at home. They do represent an economically viable, low cost option to the conventional wood burning fireplaces  at home.

What does “smokeless” mean?

The smokeless actually mean that like the wood burning fireplaces these devices do not emit flue gases, so no chimney or chute is required to be installed. They actually use the air in the room, and the exhaust level is very low. There are some counter arguments about the possible negative effects of smokeless fireplaces as these devices use  room air and release exhaust inside the room only. To counter these doubts, these devices are made to high standards of design and safety and are provided helpful attachments to monitor the air quality in the room where they are working.

The National Fire Protection Association’s 2002 standards are the basic guidelines to be followed while designing and manufacturing smokeless fireplaces. As these devices operate inside closed rooms, hence it is mandatory to provide carbon monoxide monitors and oxygen detection devices in such fireplaces. The design is such that, in case,  the oxygen level in the room falls below 18% or the carbon monoxide level goes above 25 ppm the device is shut off by the sensor operated relay.

There are still doubts about the accuracy and reliability of these devices being compatible in detecting and controlling the oxygen and carbon monoxide levels and thus in some states like California these are totally banned.

With the above challenges, the smokeless fireplaces, especially the electric ones are getting popular by the day, especially in cities where there are severe space constraints and not possible to install the conventional wood burning fireplaces.

If you have plans to install a fireplace in your home, the following points need to be considered while buying the smokeless fireplace:

  • Choose the right type of Fireplace

A smokeless fireplace does not have a flue gas chute, like the one required for conventional one, so that can easily be installed at any place in the house as there is no smoke to exhaust.

The gas fired units can be installed at any place where the propane line can be easily connected. To light the pilot fire, either there is an electrically operated system or an automatic ignition that does not need electricity to give initial spark. This feature comes to use, when there is no light.

The other varieties of smokeless fireplaces are fired by gel. These are even more versatile than the gas fired. They are self-contained and do not need a gas line to be installed. They also do not need a system to park the gas. All that is needed is to open the gel cans, light the fire in them and then put in the fireplace to burn. The units are portable and can be placed easily at any corner in the house.

The 3rd common type of smokeless fireplace is electrically operated. These basically contained electrically operated coil, that radiate heat which is then carried by the cold air blown over the coil. This hot air is then circulated in the room. These heaters are very convenient to install, cheap and operating cost is very low. They can also heat up a room very fast.

  • The Installation and Maintenance part

The electric and gel fired fireplaces can be installed by the users, but it is still preferred to get the thing done by a professional. The gas fired varieties are a little more complicated, and need assistance from a proper plumbing contractor to do the gas pipeline work safely.

Though the gas and gel fired fireplaces do come with carbon monoxide monitors, but it is still better installing another secondary carbon monoxide monitor thereby having the additional tier of safety.

Get these monitors periodically checked for proper operation by a professional.

  • The Costs

The gas fired fireplace come with factory finished enclosures or mantle. They normally cost anywhere between $2000 to $6000 complete with installation. Before installation, please check with the local authorities, if you need to have a building permit to install such fireplace at home.

The gel fired varieties cost around $300 to $700. They also do not need a professional installation and buyer can himself assemble and install such smokeless fireplace in their home. The gel cans come in 13 ounce canister. One last for 205 hours and costs about $3 a piece.  Normally they are available in cases of 24 units.

The electric fired varieties are also factory finished and standalone devices with no need of professional installation. You have to take them out from the box, connect the cord to electricity supply and there you go. These units cost around $1000 and above depending on the size and design. Some designs have the lighting effect to look them close to the real fire, but still they a bit far from the real thing.

  • The Size

To chose a fireplace with the correct size, is very important to get the best user experience. Normally a big room shall need a fireplace with designed capacity of 25000 BTU or higher heat release capacity. The advisable units for smaller rooms can be the varieties ranging from 5000 BTU onwards.

See to it that the unit has a wall mounted thermostat to control the heat release so that neither the room gets too hot nor  too cold.


In cities, where space is a constraint and the rules also do not allow installation of real wood fired fireplace, so to have the smokeless varieties make you experience almost the real thing, that too at a fraction of installation and user cost. You also get a wide variety and types, style ad models to choose from. When you buy one, you also contribute to cause of saving mother nature as these devices do not use wood, material that you get by cutting trees.

How To Build A Smokeless Fireplace And Safety Tips

A smokeless fireplace is an ideal way to add heat to your living space in the winter. To buy a vent less fireplace from a store can be costly compared to building the one on your own in your house.  It is not such a big deal, and your fireplace will work as well as the one brought from the market. After reading the article, you will understand that to build a smokeless fireplace is not a big deal.

Let us see how doing this…

The Construction Part

A smokeless fireplace does not actually need a mantle, but adding one will add a great deal of visual appeal to the whole set up. Select one that is decorative and compatible with the decor of your living room or room in which you want to place it.

The Facts and Feature

One way to build your fireplace is to just be on it bang on. But, still planning for it will be a wiser option. The search options on the internet. There are many options available and you can choose one as per your needs and budget. The online sites also give step by step procedures for building your fireplace as per the design discussed. Alternatively, you may visit your local home improvement stores, see the designs available with them and plan to build your fireplaces as per your choice and their professional advice and support.

The Planning and Designing

There can not be a better way to do something other than planning beforehand. So, collect all the required material and diagrams for building the fireplace before starting the work. This will ensure that you are not made to run around in the middle of the work and that once you start the work you finish it fast and start enjoying the fun in no time.

To Build Your Fireplace

The construction of the fireplace starts with building the hearth. Make the hearth. It is the foundation of your fireplace. The mantle then comes after it. There are many designs for the hearth, and what you finally choose is a matter of personal choice. Like you may like to design the hearth that it missed fully with the room décor. Or you may like to add some decorations to the whole thing. After designing and making the hearth, you will be required to make the fireplace insert with a screen. In making the whole thing ensure that the materials and construction are as per the fire regulation. You will want that as you start the fireplace your home may catch fire.

The Professional Inspection

This must be done in the end. Once you have completed the installation of the smokeless fireplace, let it be inspected by a professional so as to ensure that everything is safe to use are there are no regulatory issues.

The Safety Part

The smokeless fireplace is actually an alternative to the normal wood fired conventional fireplace. They are close to the real thing and are easy to install in homes. However, you must understand that a smokeless fireplace is not actually a fully vent less one. It does release emissions but on a much lower scale, and these are released into the room itself. Here, the things become a bit serious because there is the possibility of carbon monoxide build up and oxygen level depletion. While using the smokeless and vent less fireplace, take care of the safety standards.

Ventless fireplaces are an alternative to installing a regular fireplace for homeowners. They are realistic looking and have minimum installation requirements. However, a vented fireplace is really a non-vented fireplace. A vent less or gel fireplace does release emissions and is vented into a room inside the home. It is critical that homeowners follow simple safety rules when using a vent less fireplace. The two primary concerns with vent less fireplaces are carbon monoxide and oxygen depletion.

Precautions to be taken

The precautions to be followed to avoid this are given below :

  • The size of fireplace has to be just right

The size of the fireplace has to be in line with the size of the living space. This is required to avoid oxygen depletion and carbon monoxide buildup. Before going to buy one smokeless fireplace, measure the square footage and then buy a model to cater to this space.

  • The Smokeless Fireplaces With ODS

If you are building the fireplace on your own, get one oxygen depletion sensor (ODS) installed in the living space where you plan to use the fireplace. The sensor will either give an alarm or cut the gas supply in case the oxygen level goes below the level of 18% or less.

  • Carbon monoxide sensor

Carbon monoxide gas is lethal to humans if its concentration goes above a certain level. So, if you are using the gas or gel fired smokeless fireplace then ensure that one CO monitor is installed in the space. If the level of CO goes above 25 PPM, then it will give an alarm and also cost the gas supply to the fireplace. This will keep the occupants of the room safe.

  • The Operation Time

The normal usage time of a smokeless fireplace should not be more than 6 hours in a day. To control this, it is better getting one timer controlled device installed in the gas supply line to the fireplace so that it cuts off the supply beyond the specified time limit.

Other common safety tips

As soon as you listen to the ODS of CO sensor alarm, open windows, cut the fuel supply and stop the fireplace. It is better getting out of the home and call for help.

  • Never keep the fireplace operation when nobody is at home.
  • Operate the fireplace for the designed time limit only.
  • Please get the unit tested periodically by professionals to ensure that everything, especially the ODS and CO sensors, are working fine.

If you construct your smokeless fireplace as detailed above and operate it with the given safety tips, then you can very well enjoy the fund of your own fireplace in your home.