How To Build A Smokeless Fireplace And Safety Tips

A smokeless fireplace is an ideal way to add heat to your living space in the winter. To buy a vent less fireplace from a store can be costly compared to building the one on your own in your house.  It is not such a big deal, and your fireplace will work as well as the one brought from the market. After reading the article, you will understand that to build a smokeless fireplace is not a big deal.

Let us see how doing this…

The Construction Part

A smokeless fireplace does not actually need a mantle, but adding one will add a great deal of visual appeal to the whole set up. Select one that is decorative and compatible with the decor of your living room or room in which you want to place it.

The Facts and Feature

One way to build your fireplace is to just be on it bang on. But, still planning for it will be a wiser option. The search options on the internet. There are many options available and you can choose one as per your needs and budget. The online sites also give step by step procedures for building your fireplace as per the design discussed. Alternatively, you may visit your local home improvement stores, see the designs available with them and plan to build your fireplaces as per your choice and their professional advice and support.

The Planning and Designing

There can not be a better way to do something other than planning beforehand. So, collect all the required material and diagrams for building the fireplace before starting the work. This will ensure that you are not made to run around in the middle of the work and that once you start the work you finish it fast and start enjoying the fun in no time.

To Build Your Fireplace

The construction of the fireplace starts with building the hearth. Make the hearth. It is the foundation of your fireplace. The mantle then comes after it. There are many designs for the hearth, and what you finally choose is a matter of personal choice. Like you may like to design the hearth that it missed fully with the room décor. Or you may like to add some decorations to the whole thing. After designing and making the hearth, you will be required to make the fireplace insert with a screen. In making the whole thing ensure that the materials and construction are as per the fire regulation. You will want that as you start the fireplace your home may catch fire.

The Professional Inspection

This must be done in the end. Once you have completed the installation of the smokeless fireplace, let it be inspected by a professional so as to ensure that everything is safe to use are there are no regulatory issues.

The Safety Part

The smokeless fireplace is actually an alternative to the normal wood fired conventional fireplace. They are close to the real thing and are easy to install in homes. However, you must understand that a smokeless fireplace is not actually a fully vent less one. It does release emissions but on a much lower scale, and these are released into the room itself. Here, the things become a bit serious because there is the possibility of carbon monoxide build up and oxygen level depletion. While using the smokeless and vent less fireplace, take care of the safety standards.

Ventless fireplaces are an alternative to installing a regular fireplace for homeowners. They are realistic looking and have minimum installation requirements. However, a vented fireplace is really a non-vented fireplace. A vent less or gel fireplace does release emissions and is vented into a room inside the home. It is critical that homeowners follow simple safety rules when using a vent less fireplace. The two primary concerns with vent less fireplaces are carbon monoxide and oxygen depletion.

Precautions to be taken

The precautions to be followed to avoid this are given below :

  • The size of fireplace has to be just right

The size of the fireplace has to be in line with the size of the living space. This is required to avoid oxygen depletion and carbon monoxide buildup. Before going to buy one smokeless fireplace, measure the square footage and then buy a model to cater to this space.

  • The Smokeless Fireplaces With ODS

If you are building the fireplace on your own, get one oxygen depletion sensor (ODS) installed in the living space where you plan to use the fireplace. The sensor will either give an alarm or cut the gas supply in case the oxygen level goes below the level of 18% or less.

  • Carbon monoxide sensor

Carbon monoxide gas is lethal to humans if its concentration goes above a certain level. So, if you are using the gas or gel fired smokeless fireplace then ensure that one CO monitor is installed in the space. If the level of CO goes above 25 PPM, then it will give an alarm and also cost the gas supply to the fireplace. This will keep the occupants of the room safe.

  • The Operation Time

The normal usage time of a smokeless fireplace should not be more than 6 hours in a day. To control this, it is better getting one timer controlled device installed in the gas supply line to the fireplace so that it cuts off the supply beyond the specified time limit.

Other common safety tips

As soon as you listen to the ODS of CO sensor alarm, open windows, cut the fuel supply and stop the fireplace. It is better getting out of the home and call for help.

  • Never keep the fireplace operation when nobody is at home.
  • Operate the fireplace for the designed time limit only.
  • Please get the unit tested periodically by professionals to ensure that everything, especially the ODS and CO sensors, are working fine.

If you construct your smokeless fireplace as detailed above and operate it with the given safety tips, then you can very well enjoy the fund of your own fireplace in your home.

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